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Gottlieb on local radio

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    Default Gottlieb on local radio

    Nice little segment, I will just bullet point this thing though.

    - Arizona was the best team in the nation by a lot prior to the Ashley injury, and now we're in the top tier group which consists of a few teams that could easily win it all.
    - We're basically the same team as before, insofar as we have the same insane defense and we still can't shoot the ball well. Gabe York still isn't hitting shots, and once that starts happening Wildcats are in championship form.
    - Aaron Gordon should stay another year. Doesn't care what his stock is this year, he isn't a 3, he doesn't have a jump shot and needs to come back. Commented on how AG is elite at damn near everything else though. His basic argument was that AG is better off working on his game at Arizona than in the NBA. Ended by saying, "you never know, he htis a few shots in March and all of a sudden GM's are jumping to take him).
    - Clearly the number 1 overall seed as of right now - but we still have work to do. Winning PAC-12 tournament locks it up.

    - Random tidbit on ASU: Jahii needs to stay another year, because he's no better than a 2nd rounder in this years draft.

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