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Let's throw a PGU party in Las Vegas for the Pac 12 tourney. It will happen that Thursday or Friday - 3/13 or 3/14

I'm going to book a 2 story suite at the MGM with a huge outdoor terrace overlooking the strip. Full bar and food. All the alcohol you can drink. The games are at the MGM so this is going to be the best and most convenient place. I've done a few of these before and Im estimating the cost to be around 3k - 4k. It's important we get the suite asap.

Donate as little or as much as you want.

Paypal it to

Or call 18006056987 to pay by credit or debit card.

I'll post donations in this thread until we reach our goal.

Ared 100
Cocopuffs 50 (might not be there, donated anyways since in theory its a show of appreciation party)
Gballance (dont know username) 100
Ocean Beach Cat 50
Apple 50
Concept 100
Losgatos8484 100
BayAreaWildcat 50
Jackg44 25
wildpile 100
lanceli923 100
AztecWildcat 50
wiid 50
Arty 100
Rooster 100
Papadeuce 50
Catbus 125
HSP 77.70 - Eeisners get lucky donation
Esq 123
Arizonasting 25
Auscat 475 - from Australia, planning on coming.
LJTucson 50
Jnaks 100
Jav 100

Total so far $2300