I know its getting old with me saying it every week, but this pick em season is crazy and with two weeks to go it's hard to imagine the regular season ending in any other way. 4 teams entered the week at 6-6, do-or-die time. All 4 came up with big victories. The first was the Reignmakers who posted the high score of the week knocking off the Cardsharks. The second were the Cartel who came up huge knocking off the 1st place Ninjas. The third were the Triple (the highest scoring team in pick em), who beat down the Silver Foxes. Finally, the Killa Beez squeaked out a half point win over the Chronic, who fell to 7-6, in a 5-way tie for 7th with the aforementioned quartet.

Those 4 weren't the only ones who came up with a must-win. Led by Ryno and his WST, the Sour Diesel also took a .5 point victory over the Warriors to remain a game out of the final spot and still alive. The Blowfish however were not so lucky (a recurring them this year), falling big to the Hustle, and out of the playoff hunt. The Hustle were tied for the high score of the week and move back into a tie for first. Also tied for first are the Honey Badgers who cruised to a win over the Pirates and kept the worst to first hopes alive. Finally, the Rawdogs avoided disaster by beating the Monkeys, and are right in the thick of things at 8-5.

Check out IMT's breakdown of the playoff picture as it stands now: http://www.pointguardu.com/showthread.php?t=75585


Sonoran Hoops Cartel: 31.5
Raleigh Reignmakers: 34.5
Norcal Ninjas: 27 Desert Diamond Cardsharks: 27
Rio Rawdogs: 31.5 Scandinavia Dirty Pirates : 22.5
Maui Monkeys: 28.5 Huntington Beach Honey Badgers: 32
Las Vegas Hustle: 34.5
Aztec Warriors: 29
Baltimore Blowfish: 25.5 Sao Paulo Sour Diesel: 29.5
Yay Area Killa Beez: 25.5 Seattle Silver Foxes: 19
Chi City Chronic: 25 The Triple: 28.5

Individual Scores: http://www.pointguardu.com/events.ph...owresults=true
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Overall Scores:
1. backcourt (85.5)
2. El Cunado (84)
3. dpw0405 (84)
4. Mr.Fister (83.5)
5. Esq (83)
6. Nickelback (82.5)
7. IT'S MILLER TIME (81.5)
8. BearDown07 (81.5)
9. trap24 (81)
10. ArizonaBBallFan1 (81)
11. Zona Nation (81)