Normally I shy away from the "East Coast bias" arguments and such, but I find it astonishing that there's been a virtual media blackout about the Cats' blowout of Colorado.

It started immediately after the game ended. Normally, when a game is shown on ESPN and ends during SportsCenter's slot, the studio hosts kick it back to the game announcers for a wrap-up. Didn't happen this time. Instead, the Boeheim blowup was the dominant coverage, and all we got was a weak highlight package about half an hour into SportsCenter.

Then, despite being a featured prime time game, neither ESPN nor Sports Illustrated has posted any game analysis or sidebar stories. None. Just the AP wrap story. There's actually a video box for ASU-Utah on the MCBB front ESPN page right now, vastly more prominent than any of the coverage for the GameDay feature game which turned into the #4 team - a trendy upset pick by everyone - dominating the home team on their own court and playing a near-perfect second half.

And Seth Davis, who wrote TWO articles about how Colorado would win (rather, I think it was an article and a video), bumped Kansas over the Cats in his AP poll this week, claims "eye test" was the reason.

Seriously, WTF, national media?