Miller made one crucial decision during the Colorado game that may have altered the outcome. Certainly, it contributed significantly to the final margin of victory, if nothing else.

At 17:17 on the clock in the second half, with Arizona staked to a precarious 6-point lead, Aaron Gordon picked up his third foul on an overly aggressive hedge. Many - if not most - coaches would sit a player in that situation. But Miller stuck with Gordon, and it paid off. It was a gamble, make no mistake about it. If AG had picked up his fourth foul in the next few minutes, he would have sat much of the rest of the game. But Coach Miller trusted his freshman(!) and it paid dividends. Whereas most players would have sat until about the 10:00 minute mark after picking up their third foul so early in the half, AG scored 9 points in the same interval, and after the last breakaway highlight-reel dunk at 11:07, the Cats led by 16 and the game was well on its way to becoming a blowout.

Just wanted to point this out, for those who don't understand how difficult it is to coach in-game situations, and how decisions about whether to keep a player in or take them out can have drastic consequences one way or the other. Against Colorado, Coach Miller trusted his player, and the rest is history.