three way tie for 1st, three way tie for 4th, and 5 way tie for 7th.

With it so close in the standings, no team has clinched home field advantage yet.

Still tons of scenarios for who makes the playoffs and at what seed.

I posted everybody's results against all teams to see how H2H tiebreakers could shake out.

Also posted the week 14 and 15 matchups

The Triple (if you didn't hear) are the highest in Points Per Game, but will have to face two 9-4 teams to finish the season.

For the 5 teams tied at 7-6, 8 of the 10 remaining game are against teams above .500.

The 9-4 and 8-5 trios have none of their 12 remaining games against sub .500 teams.

Basically, things are still up in the air and it will a chaotic last 2 weeks to finish the regular season.