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Week 14 Roundup

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    Default Week 14 Roundup

    There was a chance that things could've sorted themselves out in Week 14, making for a relatively straightforward final week. Of course that didn't happen, instead we have 5 teams at 8-6, fighting for their lives. How did we get here? A couple 7-6 teams beat 8-5 teams to stay in the hunt. The first was the Chronic who came up huge with the high score of the week in a win over the Rawdogs. Similarly the Cartel put up the second highest score of the week in a win over the Silver Foxes. All 4 teams are 8-6 and the Rawdogs and Foxes play week 15. The final 8-6 team is the resilient Triple, who came up big once again with a win over the Ninjas.

    Not everyone got the big win though. The Reignmakers dropped a heartbreaker by a half point to the Warriors and the Killa Beez lost by 2 to the Honey Badgers. Both teams now sit at 7-7 and face must-wins in Week 15. The Honey Badgers however can sit their bench as that win clinched the 1 seed, and a remarkable worst to first transformation. They got some help when the Cardsharks beat the Hustle in what may turn out to be a crucial victory for tie-breaking purposes for the battle for the 2 seed. Lastly in a pair of playoff-irrelevant matchups, the Blowfish got the win over the Sour Diesel, and the Pirates got their second win of the season over the Monkey. The Sour Diesel were led by an outstanding performance by KansasCityCats who got the WST.

    Check out IMT's breakdown of the playoff picture as it stands now:

    Sonoran Hoops Cartel: 44'
    Aztec Warriors: 31'
    Seattle Silver Foxes: 38.5' Raleigh Reignmakers: 30.5'
    Scandinavia Dirty Pirates : 36.5'
    Chi City Chronic: 48'
    Maui Monkeys: 33.5' Rio Rawdogs: 41.5'
    Las Vegas Hustle: 35.5' Baltimore Blowfish: 43.5'
    Desert Diamond Cardsharks: 40'
    Sao Paulo Sour Diesel: 37'
    Yay Area Killa Beez: 35' Norcal Ninjas: 33'
    Huntington Beach Honey Badgers: 37'
    The Triple: 35.5'

    Individual Scores:
    Standings, Rankings, and More: Arizona Wildcats Basketball & Recruiting News - 2013-2014

    Overall Scores:
    1. backcourt (93)
    2. Esq (90.5)
    3. El Cunado (90)
    4. dpw0405 (89.5)
    5. IT'S MILLER TIME (89)
    6. Mr.Fister (89)
    7. BearDown07 (88)
    8. Nickelback (87.5)
    9. Zona Nation (86.5)
    10. davluvsbeer (86)

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    Default Re: Week 15 Roundup

    I thought we knocked out the diesel from playoff contention. No?

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    Originally Posted by Applequest View Post

    Check out IMT's breakdown of the playoff picture as it stands now:
    Originally Posted by ACE View Post
    When I stood next to Stanley I didn't feel like a man.

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