Man obviously a great win last night up in the mountains and humiliating the living crap out of them.

Next game is at home to the Cal Golden Bears. On paper the last few years it seems like we should win fairly comfortably against them, but have been very close battles. 2010-11 Williams put the team on his back in one game, then we survived the 3OT game thanks to Momo and Parrom. 2012 was Chol's best game and we had a mini upset over them up in Berkeley. Last year, we let Crabbe own us in the 2nd half, and lose despite being 13 point favorites. And of course this year losing that tough one with a second left, but losing Ashley probably threw us off, though Cal played well. Honestly, I just want to blow the living crap out of these guys for once. Like Colorado today, who has played us tough in the past, we finally smoked them for once(yeah the first game was one sided, but the score was closer then it needed to be). Why does Cal traditionally play us tough, and what do we need to do to make it easier on ourselves(besides simply repeating what we did today).