This dude is the best. Here's his analysis of Arizona:

8. Arizona

Here’s what I learned from watching Arizona State beat Arizona in double overtime:

1. Arizona desperately misses Brandon Ashley. And I’m not just saying that because it’s convenient to blame Arizona’s recent struggles on Ashley’s injury. Without him on the floor, Arizona’s offensive spacing is nonexistent and scoring becomes an arduous task for the Cats. Ashley isn’t a knockdown 3-point shooter, but he hits 15-footers consistently enough to force defenders to leave the paint and guard him. A lineup including Aaron Gordon, Zeus “Zeus” Zeuszeuski, and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson allows defenses to clog the lane and let Arizona’s guards jack up shots from deep.

2. I now assume every Arizona jump shot will miss. That’s the worst part about life without Ashley. If Nick Johnson and Gabe York weren’t throwing up brick after brick, Ashley’s absence wouldn’t matter nearly as much. But the poor shooting of Johnson and York allows defenses to pack it in even more, which means Arizona is pretty much just screwed on offense.

3. Arizona still plays great defense. ASU’s Jermaine Marshall had 29 and Jahii Carson went for 17 against Arizona, but the Sun Devils scored just 51 points in regulation, which is the lowest they’ve scored all season. Arizona had problems putting the ball in the basket, but it at least made sure Arizona State had the same problems.

4. Bill Walton is still the best. Walton is like a mellowed-out Dick Vitale, which is another way of saying he’s perfect.

5. Dave Pasch is the perfect partner for Walton. Pasch and Walton disagreed on almost every call the officials made on Friday, and it was great. It always happens, and it’s always great. My favorite moment, though, came when Walton was talking about Joe Caldwell, who played at Arizona State in the early 1960s and apparently had a 49-inch vertical. Walton told a story about how Caldwell would jump up and put marks on walls for people to try to touch. Walton finished the story by saying, “Even Wilt [Chamberlain] could never get that high.” Pasch responded, “I could say something right now, but I’ll let it go.” Sure, he didn’t actually pull the trigger, but the fact that Pasch almost said, “I’m sure you’d have no problem getting higher than Caldwell” put the biggest smile on my face.

6. Somebody named Matt Korcheck exists. Does Sean Miller realize it’s against NCAA rules to pull a guy off the street and add him to your team more than halfway through the season? Because I’m pretty sure that’s what Miller did with Korcheck. I’ve been watching Arizona games all season, yet when Korcheck checked in for Zeus less than four minutes into the ASU game, I actually asked an empty room, “Who the hell is this guy?” Did Jordin Mayes use the machine that turns Steve Urkel into Stefan and come out as Korcheck? Maybe that explains Mayes’s disappearance.

7. Pac-12 refs are still awful. Arizona didn’t deserve to win and I’m not going to suggest the Cats got screwed against ASU. But it blows my mind that there wasn’t a single technical foul called on the Sun Devils when Jahii Carson dunked to seal the game. I wouldn’t want to penalize ASU for its fans storming the court, but in this case, the fans were following the Arizona State bench’s lead. Plus, while all that was going on, Carson was doing more chin-ups on the rim than I did in all my elementary-school Presidential Fitness Tests combined.4 Again, Arizona State deserved the win. But it’s absurd for the refs to decide that when there’s a certain amount of time left on the clock, the rulebook goes out the window.

8. Arizona will shatter the record for most court stormings per loss. In both games the Cats have dropped (they also lost to Cal), the home team’s student section has run onto the court with time still on the clock. And both times, after the kids were cleared off the floor so the Cats could heave a desperation shot, the students ran right back onto the court once the final buzzer sounded. This means Arizona is averaging two court stormings per loss, which has to be an all-time record.