Big 12 vs Pac 12, no question right? You have Kansas at the top but Texas, Iowa St, K-State, Oklahoma, OK St, Baylor, all solid teams who have spent quite a bit of time in the Top 25. But wait, lets look at the numbers (Kenpom team rank and rating).

Looking at teams 2-7 in each conference:

27 Iowa St. 0.8655
29 Texas 0.8542
31 Oklahoma St. 0.8459
38 Kansas St. 0.8318
39 Oklahoma 0.8302
49 Baylor 0.7998
16 UCLA 0.9025
30 Arizona St. 0.85
32 Oregon 0.8405
35 Stanford 0.8384
42 California 0.8121
43 Utah 0.8117

That's right, Pac-12 comes out on top and that's not even considering the fact that Kansas is closer to UCLA than they are to us. Yes, I understand that they have 2 less teams. And I give them credit for the fact that 8 out of 10 teams are fighting for the tournament. But the bottom line is that for all intents and purposes, ISU, Texas, ASU, OK St, Oregon, Stanford, KSU, Oklahoma, Cal, and Utah are pretty much lumped together. I feel like that is far from the perception nationally. Hell, I'm not even sure most people even know Utah still plays basketball.