With Week 12 now in the books, we've finally entered the home stretch. We have a nice bunch of team who, barring a historic collapse, will be in the playoffs, and we're ready to watch a ton of teams jockey for the last slots. Nowhere was that jockeying more in full effect than in the game of the week: Rawdogs-Blowfish. The Rawdogs took the .5 point win in a high scoring contest. Now instead of both teams sitting at 6-6, the Rawdogs are in good shape and the Blowfish are desperate. The two highest scoring teams of the week needed that effort to move to 6-6: the Triple had the high score of the week (and are the highest scoring team in pick em in case you didn't know) in a blowout of the Warriors and the Cartel, led by Zona Nation's WST, took out the Chronic.

Meanwhile, at the top of the standings, the Ninjas have once again found themselves alone at the top. They were able to take matters into their own hands, winning a head to head matchup over the Hustle. The also needed some help from the Honey Badgers who stumbled with the low score of the week, losing a close one to the Reignmakers who remain in the playoff hunt. Joining the Hustle and Honey Badgers at 8-4, were the Cardsharks and Silver Foxes, who both picked up easy wins over the Sour Diesel and Pirates respectively. Finally, the Killa Beez were able to right the skip with a win over the Monkey, and stayed in the thick of the playoff hunt.

The Triple: 49.5' Huntington Beach Honey Badgers: 28'
Aztec Warriors: 31' Raleigh Reignmakers: 29.5'
Rio Rawdogs: 47.5' Desert Diamond Cardsharks: 46'
Baltimore Blowfish: 47' Sao Paulo Sour Diesel: 35'
Sonoran Hoops Cartel: 48'
Seattle Silver Foxes: 45.5'
Chi City Chronic: 38' Scandinavia Dirty Pirates : 29'
Norcal Ninjas: 37.5' Maui Monkeys: 34.5'
Las Vegas Hustle: 34' Yay Area Killa Beez: 40'

Individual Scores: http://www.pointguardu.com/events.ph...owresults=true
Standings, Rankings, and More: Arizona Wildcats Basketball & Recruiting News - 2013-2014

Overall Scores:
1. backcourt (81.5)
2. dpw0405 (80.5)
3. El Cunado (80)
4. Mr.Fister (79.5)
5. Esq (79)
6. Nickelback (78.5)
7. Zona Nation (77.5)
8. IT'S MILLER TIME (77.5)
9. BearDown07 (77)
10. Coach (76.5)