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Pre-Game Experience...

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    Default Pre-Game Experience...

    We all know what happened during the game and this post isn't to really speak about that. I wanted to take a minute to talk about my pre game experience.

    I went to the Fat Tuesday's that we all agreed upon on one of these threads. As soon as I walked in I bumped into Dakota and that guy made sure we got a good seat and were taken care of. The service was not the best, far from it actually(rumor was that they had a new hire waitress doing the heavy lifting.) Our drinks took over half hour to arrive and I was actually scared to order another drink cause I would miss the start of the game, but Dakota came over and hooked us up immediately even though he's not even a worker there!

    Also he spoke to Pras, let him know we were on PGU and Pras was gracious enough to come over and meet myself and my girl. To top it off he got us a round to drink and put it on his tab. I was a little embarrassed with my girl cause I was like a kid meeting Santa Clause for the first time. I even pulled up some old interviews he's done to show my girl how I knew him lol. As game time got closer and I couldn't find the stinken waitress Dakota once again came in and scrambled with me to find the waitress and get us our bill. So although the restaurant experience wasn't great, meeting other members of the PGU community and Pras himself made it a experience that will be hard to forget.

    I wasn't able to thank Pras or Dakota directly as they left a little before I did, but I wanted to take the time now and thank them now. I hope I get another opportunity to have a drink with these guys and this time we'll put it on my tab. PGU community is the best.

    Have a great day PGU.

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    Pras is a celebrity.

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