Predict, unfortunately 2 straight loses at Utah and Colorado, unless we shoot at or above 40% FG or hit at Lear 60% from freethrows.

sadly our horrid shooting has set an alarming trend over the past 6+ games (exception OSU).

utah and Colorado have often proved to be difficult shooting venues for almost anyone and this coming week is no exception. What's troubling is that expectations would be completely different had we showed even a mediocre offensive game.

but instead we've demonstrated unequivocally that shooting above 40% is more an anomaly than the norm.

I'm not saying we can't win both games, but for the first time this season, I feel like we won't especially at venues coming up, where teams struggle to shoot well (air thinness?)

id ilike to here your opinions. How does this offense and freethrow shooting improve?

Ill stand and by the fact we will continue playing outstanding defense, but unless our offense can be found, forget about it.