Like most of you I honestly thought the cats were the best team in the country with Brash. Reality sucks though and right now we just aren't that good.

I do believe Miller will have the cats playing their best in March but what do really expect now? For me I think I will be amazed if we make the sweet 16. We simply can't score and Miller doesn't seem to have a clue about how to fix it.

One good thing is we won't have to deal with the horrible pac 12 officiating. It simply gets worse every year. I have zero problem with not calling a tech against the fans for rushing the court. However the players rushed the court before the dunk and Carson hung on the rim. There were so many bad calls tonight. I really believe games are being rigged by these refs. The corruption starts with Larry Scott and reeks all the way down the food chain. Those blind mice have zero integrity.