Note: Week 11 lineups were set manually and may not necessarily reflect the lineups in the system. However the standings reflected are accurate.

If you expected Week 11 to start sort out the playoff picture, you were dead wrong. At the top, nobody seems to want to pull away, while the race for the final playoff spots is crazier than ever. This was no more typified than in a pair of nail-biters. The Sour Diesel picked up a must-win over the Ninjas by .5, while the Reignmakers did the same in a 1 point victory over the Silver Foxes. The Sour Diesel were led by KansasCityCats who took the WST. Both the Reignmakers and Diesel are part of a 6-way tie for the 8th seed. The door was left open for the Hustle to retake the #1 spot by themselves, but they fell in a close game to the Honey Badgers, bringing both teams into a three-way tie for first with the Ninjas.

The three hard-luck teams facing serious trouble at 4-6 all got wins to move into the logjam. The Triple (the highest-scoring team in pick em in case you didn't know), won a high-scoring matchup against the Chronic. The Cartel were the highest scoring team of the week in an easy win over the Monkeys. And the Blowfish were able to send the reeling Killa Beez to another loss and drag them back into the pack. Somehow, the Rawdogs were able to buck the 5-6 trend, easily defeating the Warriors. Had they lost, half the league would've been 5-6. Finally the Cardsharks kept their strong position in a blowout over the Pirates.

Silver Foxes 35.5 Sour Diesel
36.5 Ninjas 36
Honey Badgers
37 Cardsharks 39.5
Hustle 34.5 Pirates 28
Monkeys 33.5 Chronic 39.5
43.5 Triple 41
37 Blowfish 33.5
Warriors 25 Killa Beez 28.5

Individual Scores:
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Overall Scores:
1. backcourt (74.5)
2. El Cunado (73.5)
3. dpw0405 (73)
4. Esq (72.5)
5. Arizona (71)
6. Mr.Fister (71)
7. ArizonaBBallFan1 (70.5)
8. gsecrest (70.5)
9. trap24 (70.5)
10. benny0515 (70.5)