Every game PGU has been voting on the MVP for that game. At the halfway point of conference play (not including the Oregon game), here are the results:

Johnson 1282
McConnell 845
Ashley 570
Gordon 488
Tarczewski 461
Hollis-Jefferson 332
York 305

You can see that voting is still being heavily dominated by the guards. And again you make a pretty good case that the order closely reflects their value to the team. Here are some additional notes:

  • Brandon is still hanging on to the #3 spot despite missing the Cal game.
  • After finishing 1-2 respectively in the non-conferece, Nick and TJ repeated the performance again in the first half of conference play.
  • Nick leads the way being named the MVP in 8 of the 22 games.
  • After getting shut out in the non-conference, Zeus picked up 3 MVPs in the first 9 conference games.
  • We saw the first unanimous selection, with Zeus being the lone bright spot in the loss against Cal.
  • The starters took control during conference play, with Rondae and Gabe combining for only 46 votes.
  • The beatdown of ASU saw all 7 players pick up at least 2 votes. Zeus grabbed the MVP with only 39%.