Interesting take from one NBA Scout per ESPN Insider:

Status: Lottery Pick

Gordon's offensive woes continued Saturday against Cal. He's just 9-of-37 from the field in his past three games. But Gordon makes up for it with so much hustle and energy that he makes a major impact on the game anyway. He had 13 rebounds and six assists against Cal and was everywhere.

"He's stuck between positions and I think we're going to have to embrace the fact that ideally, he's a 4 in our league," one scout said. "Now that Brandon Ashley likely is out the season, he'll move to his natural position and I think that will help his stock. Once he gets stronger, I think he'll be fine there. He's so quick, plays the game the right way and plays so hard, he's going to be really good. But you have to understand what he is and what he isn't."

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