I'm curious about everyone's personal Top 10 list. Not based on current rankings. Hopefully not biased as Wildcats either. Just honest opinions about who the best 10 teams in the country are, in order. Here are mine, with some explanation:

1. Syracuse (until they are beaten, I believe they've played a solid enough schedule to deserve that position)
2. Arizona (this is tough for me ... with Ashley, we were solidly the top team, but I can only guess what we'll see now)
3. Kansas (historically difficult schedule, and I fear the Wildcats playing them more than anyone else out there)
4. Florida (slow start, but proving solid since overcoming their injuries)
5. Michigan State (can't understand how they've lost 3 times already)
6. Michigan (they are the model I hope we can emulate, in that they've gotten significantly better somehow since McGary went down)
7. San Diego State
8. Cincinnati
9. Creighton (all about McDermott, and I think the top defenses can shut him down)
10. Duke (whether you love or hate Krzyzewski, his teams typically get better as the season progresses, and that's quite true this year)

I can't seem to gauge Wichita State. Not that I don't think they're good, but their schedule is so vastly different than any of the other top teams that it's like comparing the ABA to the NBA in the old days ... until they play each other, who knows.

Your Top 10?