Been thinking a lot about this as of late as probably many of you have been too.

Here's what I've come to conclude (my opinion so eat it)

1. York is going to see a lot of playing time
2. AG is going to play the 4 a majority of the time
3. AG and Korcheck will back up Zeus
4. We could see line ups where we play "small ball" (for us) like 3 guards out at once. TJ, GY, NJ
5. Rondaes stats per minute were actually inline or better than Ashleys, though different position, take this for whatever it's worth.
6. The only reason Pitts see's the light of day is because we get into foul trouble either early on or late, and even then JM is ahead of him.
7. JM will probably see a tad bit increase in Average minutes played, Miller will have to implore him to protect the ball (no easy TO's)
8. I imagine GY will clock well over 20 minutes a game moving forward
9. I imagine all starters will log incrementally more minutes, and as much as fouls will allow (RHJ obviously goes to 25-30 mins a game)
10. AG playing the 4 is better for the team, his FG% and 3PT% are terrible, Ashleys post defense will be hard to replace

I can imagine seeing regular line ups like this:

Game Start:
  1. TJ
  2. NJ
  3. RHJ
  4. AG
  5. KT

Guard U: (based on competitor)
  1. TJ
  2. GY
  3. NJ
  4. RHJ
  5. AG/KT

Depth Chart:
  1. TJ/JM
  2. NJ/GY/JM
  4. AG/RHJ/ZP
  5. KT/MK/ZP