Was anyone else bothered by the camera work/angles last night? It was nearly impossible to watch. Felt like you were either watching from atop a skyscraper, or standing on the edge of the court looking through binoculars. From the high angle, it was difficult to identify players. From the low angle, you could only see one or two players and the camera couldn't move quickly enough to follow the action.

The worst was maybe midway through the second half, I think, when Gordon went up for a defensive rebound and a Cal player seemed to reach between his arms and knock the ball out of bounds. The refs spent 2-3 minutes reviewing to determine possession. But they didn't couldn't make a reasonable assessment, because the only camera angles available was one from atop the arena that was too far away and directly behind the play, and one from somewhere under the basket where the ball moved to quickly for the camera to follow.

Has it always been that way when we play at Cal? I've watched every game this year, and loved every one. But the camera work last night removed a lot of enjoyment and emotion from the game.

Brandon Ashley, you have been a warrior this season. We wish you a speedy and, most importantly, complete recovery.