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The Only Solution I See.

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    Default The Only Solution I See.

    I do not think Ashleys injury has made us inferior. I think it makes us mortal, but not inferior.
    The only solution i see, is that Gordon does whats best for the team an moves to the 4. Rondae start at the 3 position and York become the 6th man... We played with fire statistically the past couple of games and with Ashley going down, a subpar performance just wasnt gonna cut it. Ive seen Korcheck come in for garbage time minutes and honestly i dont think he's able to come in during the middle of conference play and be a major factor, maybe im wrong, HOPEFULLY im wrong. We either go back to Lutes old model an start running a 3 guard orientated offense with AG at the 4 and York & NJ both starting with RHJ as 6th man, or Rondae starts at the 3 & we just bear the f*** down and find ways to win. I still feel we are final four bound but it wont be as much of a breeze to get there as it mightve been had Brash not went down.
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