Sitting here at 21-0 I can't help but feel that we Cats fans are in for something special this season. We have already broken records such as: longest winning streak in program history(21-0), best start being undefeated to start a season (21-0), longest consecutive run at #1 for 7 weeks (maybe 8 if we win @ Cal). And we are one of 3 undefeated teams still in February, which hasn't been done since the 70's. Stanford has the record year in Pac-12's history going 26-0 in 2004 before losing (we have a chance to eclipse that record). We have a player in Nick Johnson that is not only the front-runner for conference player of the year, but is very much in the mix for National POY. Also Aaron Gordon is in discussion for National Freshman of the year honors. At this point, I think, we have made a clear case to be a #1 seed in the NCAA Tourney, giving us the best OPPORTUNITY to reach the Final Four, or National Championship.

Now the other side of the coin lies on the shoulders of coach Sean Miller. I think he has done a fantastic job this season, and I have no complaints. But I'm curious to see how he and our team close out the season from here on out. Looking at Miller's career record, from his 5 seasons at Xavier to now his first 5 seasons at Arizona, they are almost identical. At Xavier he was 120-47. At Arizona he is currently 117-43. At Xavier he had a 30 win team reach the Elite 8, and also had a sweet 16 appearance. At Arizona, he has done the same.

With how good and well- balanced our team is this year, I just think Miller has all the keys set out right in front of him for a VERY special season (not to mention a TRUE point guard). I'm going out on a limb and saying that it is literally Final Four or bust. I think if we fail to at least reach the Final Four this year that we haven't proved anything but us being a good team, not a GREAT or ELITE team. Now I understand that in March, anything can happen, but I just believe we are too well coached and fluid and determined as a team to back down. So, as the title reads, this is Miller's year to win a Championship, and I'm watching closely to see if he will execute. But, so far so good.