Most don't know I'm psychotic....I mean psychic. But I have my predictions for the remainder of this week for the teams in the upper realms of the Pac.

UCLA is going to Oregon. Oregon is going to win. Why?

Dana Altman appears to have Oregon back on track. Oregon is a very difficult place to play. UCLA, while they've improved considerably still, as far as I've heard, don't travel well.

Arizona State is going to Stanford. Stanford is going to win. Why?

Stanford is not happy about the loss to UofA. Arizona State will be a little cocky because they beat Cal. Stanfords guards can at least make things difficult for Jahaha(and as we know, slow him down and the team follows.

Washington is going to Washington State. Washington State is going to win. Why?
Washington is playing much better of late. Washington State is playing the same...not so good. ?? But, Washington has a habit of playing to their opponents level. Washington State has a habit of beating Washington when they come there. Washington can get cocky and look down on Washington State.

And finally, Arizona is going to Cal. Arizona is going to win. Why?
Arizona's bigs can play havoc with Cal's front court. Arizona got the scare against Stanford and is going to come out with a vengeance. Cal is disoriented because ASU just beat them at home. And because Rondae is going to make the guys smile and get them back on track and the assists are going to pile up.

The results: There will be four teams tied at 5-4, and the Arizona Wildats will be in sole command of the Pac at 9-0!

Okay, it may be more of a dream than an actual prediction, but watch and see. Every once in a while I've actually been right! (Or I was dreaming)

But feel free to point out any predictions I missed.

Bear Down Wildcats!