Interested in hearing people's basketball thoughts.

While we were poor from the line last night, we weren't that far below our season average. I have no doubt Miller will be working on this for March, and while I think some improvement will definitely occur, it seems unrealistic that we'll magically jump 10-15% from the line. In a sense, we are what the numbers say we are.

So if you accept that free throw shooting is a weakness, how do you deal with that in terms of game plan and strategy? 1 and 1's are obviously a decent chance at a turnover for us. My first thought is that we need to be in the double bonus by the end of the game. And the best way to accomplish that is by being aggressive early in the second half, attacking the basket, and putting the defense in situations where they will foul. If we were in the double bonus I have no doubt Nick and AG would have iced the game before the final play.

Much was made of our jump shooting last night, particularly to start the game. I think the biggest downside is that it let's the defense off the hook. When we feed Zeus on lob entry passes, there seems to be a high percentage of fouls (mainly thinking of the Duke game). When AG or Rondae get an offensive board, they seem to draw a lot of contact. Nick is also great at drawing fouls while dribbling thanks to the new rules.

I think foul trouble in general plagued us last night, especially since AG and Rondae picked up some charges for being out of control. Everyone was mindful of not picking up a charge, which also limits our ability to create contact and draw fouls.

I see no problem in having a weakness, every team we play will have more of them than us. But I do think we need to account for that weakness in a general sense. It seems like we should be able to draw 7-8 fouls in the first 15 minutes of the second half, which would prevent teams from taking advantage at the end.