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Arizona Pulls off a Statistical Anomoly

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    Default Arizona Pulls off a Statistical Anomoly

    In the game of basketball, a common referenced indicator of success is the "Four Factors". Typically each factor is weighted a little differently depending on who you talk to, but in general, if you can beat the other team in 3 of the categories, you probably win the game. Last night, Arizona lost in all 4 categories, or at least would have if not for the tiniest of margins. Basically, Arizona pulled off the incredibly improbable. Here's how...

    eFG% - Arizona shot 36% to Stanford's 37.5% from the field. The ONLY reason that Arizona actually walked away with this category is that they hit 6 3's to Stanford's 3. Therefore, the eFG% difference was AZ: 42%, Furd: 40%. So Arizona won this category by a hair...

    TOs - Arizona had 8 TOs to Stanford's 7. Stanford wins this category. There's no shame in having 8 TOs, but at the end of the day, it's all about having less than your opponent and Stanford ultimately had an extra possession because of it. It can also be pointed out that Arizona had 4 steals to Stanford's 1, so more of Arizona's TOs were unforced. It'd be great to see those reduced.

    Rebounding - Arizona was outrebounded by Stanford 36 to 38, which equals 2 extra possessions for the Cardinal. That marks the 1st time that Arizona has lost the rebounding battle. This is something that Arizona should own. Nick and TJ combined for 13 rebounds which is a huge reason why Arizona was even close. York also skied for a stellar rebound in there. Props to the guards. I'm guessing the bigs got a few of these..

    Free Throws - Arizona shot worse from the FT line than Stanford. 62% to 67%. Ultimately, Arizona actually made more though; 18 to 12, which means that technically Arizona won the category, but this was scary. The freshmen combined to hit only 42%. Criticizing them doesn't help since this is clearly a mental game at this point, but 42%... that's just not ok. Even Zeus "Zeus" ZeusZeuski and his butterball hands are hitting an extremely respectable 79%.
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