We've all heard about the wall that freshmen hit. That teams hit. It's the middle of the season and there have been some great games and some tough games. And then suddenly players who were doing great are not able to do good.

But the "wall" doesn't really say much about what is causing this. It's just a generalization that says suddenly this great player can't do what he normally does.

We have seen this from the Wildcats the last couple of games. They can't hit the shots they've been hitting for 17 or 18 games. The 3's don't fall. The mid-range jumpers don't fall. And sometimes this phenomenon even hits the defense as well.

I've noticed that besides the difference in the shots not going, etc., that there are no smiles on their faces these last couple of games. There is no bounce in their step and not nearly as much high fives, chest bumping, and demonstration of team togetherness of late as well.

The majority of this season the Wildcats were like a group of kids that play after school or on weekends in the park. Playing together and really enjoying the together part as much or more than the playing part.

It seems to have disappeared these last few games. It looked like Aaron said something to Zeus after Zeus was called with another foul he couldn't believe. And it looked like Zeus almost growled at Aaron in reply. Angry.

I think this "wall" that the Wildcats seem to have hit isn't that at all. I think the pressure to be "that" team has taken them to where they're trying hard, way too hard to be that team. I think that it's taken the enjoyment of playing with the guys away and replaced it with the "drive" to perform at that top level.

If this is the case, then it's sad because that enjoyment, the togetherness, the team spirit was what was making them such a great team. Now it's looking, at for the last few games like a bunch of guys on the same team who are taking out their frustrations on each other. That they've let that target on their back change their game from fun to a must do situation.

Whatever the problem is in reality, I hope these fantastic Wildcats and their great Coach can figure it out and right the ship. It's nice to see them win, but it was so much better to watch them smiling, enjoying playing with their teammates and stomping on their opponents efforts.

Is it just my warped mind or does anyone else think this may be what's going on?