Well, Arizona won a close road game against a decent Stanford club. Not easy to do. Much harder to do when you play some ugly basketball. But, in the end, Arizona took about Stanford's best and did enough to win. There was probably some luck involved in a few of Stanford's open FGs and layups not falling for a stretch, but Arizona's defense kept this game in play for the majority of the evening.

There was a flippant comment about the road in another thread, but it's true: just survive on the road. For all intents and purposes, splitting on the road is generally a sign of success in conference play. Arizona guaranteed just that last night. Arizona doesn't get any style points for it, but we got the result.

We moved to 21-0 on the road on a night were we couldn't hit free throws, make open FGs, run a decent break, pull down offensive rebounds, stay out of foul trouble, and one of the best freshman in the country was dared to shoot the ball from 10ft and out. That's a winning team. That's the team that other coaches are afraid of. That's a team that, like Mohammed Ali, takes your best then finds a way to get the decision or knock you out.

Not all games are going to be pretty, just as not all things that happen in one or two games will be a trend. Arizona is working on a sweep or split of the Northern Cal schools in their houses, this is good stuff. Take the win and move on to watch the next game and see how Arizona performs before we step out on the ledge and get ready to jump over hero ball, free throws, freshman wall, looking pro, lack of motivation, etc.