• Arizona Wins at Colorado Photo Gallery

    Check out some of these awesome PGU images of the savage beat down Arizona put on Colorado in the 88-61 domination of the Buffs' senior night.

    Comments 8 Comments
    1. MOWildcat's Avatar
      MOWildcat -
      As always... Niiiice!
    1. lsg_da_apache's Avatar
      lsg_da_apache -
      The last picture says it all! BTFD!!!!
    1. Jeff's Avatar
      Jeff -
      Sweet. Rondae has really long strides. No wonder he gets to the rim so easily.
    1. adumb29's Avatar
      adumb29 -
      I enjoy the fact that Xavier Johnson wears man tights.
    1. Papadeuce's Avatar
      Papadeuce -
      The very first picture of Johnson taking the ball from loudmouth while Rondae laughs in the background says it all. I think the team took what he said to heart and wanted to stomp on CO early. Mission accomplished.
    1. Grape Drank's Avatar
      Grape Drank -
      In that first pic, it looks like Rondae is giving it to Xavier doggy style. and liking it haha lol.
    1. Seans Cough's Avatar
      Seans Cough -
      Nick makes some great faces while playing lol
    1. Dawgwarrior's Avatar
      Dawgwarrior -
      That last pic is EPIC. BTFD.

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